Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Archway Road Leaks And Social Engineering

The massive leak on Archway road
Running down it must erode
Sub-contract said they followed the code
And have the licence to dig up the road
But you measured it wrong "embarrassed mode!"
without consulting about where we unload
Or assessing the risk that I showed and I showed
Instead concrete arrived by the truck load
To fill in the steps to get under the road
The leak still apparent - and will forever erode
This community, the budget and under that road
The bikes are too close - and pedestrians slowed
Out of the pub, trip and a cyclist mowed
By a bus attempting to go south on this road
Emergency route, schools and the suicide road
Desensitized Archway - slowly corrode
cosmetic concrete cover-up community crowed
Bus station flats from envelopes that glowed
Pollution, disaster and extra traffic load
Corporate machine and the massive rail-road
Social engineering and the Archway road.

Saturday, 13 August 2016

response to TfL letter of ignorance

Please stop calling me Mr Sparks, I don't like the formality. I introduced as Chris, corrected you many times during the meeting. Also I sign my name Chris and type it at the bottom of e-mail correspondence. I like Chris. Also, stop assuming Amber's marital status.

I will try to respond to your letter with calm and keep it all in line with your points. Although you do state in paragraph 10, that you won't respond. Because of the amount of incorrect information that i can back up with an audio recording of the meeting, you may wish to reconsider. I will correct as I go, just so that we are on the same page. I will circulate these emails with your delivery of the consultation to the residents for you proposed loading bay.

One other thing before i start responding. When I left your offices, we spoke at your reception for about 5 minutes. You were friendly, shook my hand twice and left me believing that you understood what has happened and the poor way we have been treated all along. Seems you are not what you said, and either I was naive to your tactics or something else happened.

OK - in Para.1 you say to clarify your position on communication. It doesn't come until Para.10.

in Para. 2 you say you will consult and inform in due course. It should have been done along time ago. We have been negated, ignored, forced to jump though hoops. - you invited us in and we told you that it was un-consulted, bolted on for other reasons than were ever stated.

in Para. 3 you say I need to take up with Thames Water. I made it clear by email, in that meeting more than 5 times and in all other correspondence and newspaper articles, that i have done these things over and over for 5 years. It's Thames Water and your property and Islington BC. You all know about it, I have reported it in many different ways. We are waiting. it has been reported as leaking for 26 years. I was in the newspaper in January 2012 and received a response from the CEO of Thames Water. They are aware. You are aware. Everybody is aware.

in Para. 4 I can see you focused on only a few words in a very long statement. Someone will have to bury or support the first victims of the danger you are creating. I want to hold some of your money to be able to assist these people, when they need it. Call it what you like - I prefer insurance held on a risk, that you won't entertain or even do a risk assessment at a bottleneck you have created. Also I have never vandalised anything, nor intend to begin. Maybe you are a vandal. I said that i would expose gash works and particularly where the contractors have put new paving stones over the top of old, broken wonky paving. It should have been lifted, levelled and the then new. Cosmetic needs to be done right or you end up with the same shonky path.

in Para. 5 you say you don't want to buy the pub. I never expected you to. And I said get 3 surveyors reports and go with the middle one - why you made that sound like 3 times the value is great tactics, but not what i said or fair. I stand by fairness. I really do hope that all your resources have been allocated responsibly. I was making a point that we exist. You said you worked in a pub for 2 years selling Stella - I actually won't remark at how you sounded.

in Para. 6 you really did't listen to what i said and took a few words out to make it sound like I am going to stand in the road and be belligerent. Obviously call the police if you think I have done something to infringe safety or the law. I have never had this happen. If it were to happen then I think the police will want to know why. I would only imagine that being the case if: the plan was flawed, drawings were incorrect, danger was present or disregard for pedestrian safety on a busy road with new movements and pollution without consultation. So hopefully, you have nothing to worry about.

in Para.7 you say nothing about my requests for communication or consultation. Is that just a mistake? Or maybe it's just an awful taste, that it is all we have ever asked for and now it's not even worth lip service.

in Para. 8 you say whilst you are happy to work with me.. you don't care how we feel, what we think or even how we do business. It's nearly finished and you do not have a drawing. Quite bad.

in Para. 9 you infer that I have been threatening contractors and your project manager and the police have been called. They have not contacted me by any methods. I would like to speak to someone about this - this does seem like harassment. I am 1 skinny man, they have gates, security, 50 guys who work on a building site, phones etc. I have never caused any fear or danger. I have asked a lot of questions. So far not one serious, honest answer. The water still leaks, we still need to unload and i see risk on my door that you have created. Answers???

in Para. 10 You say "As we have reached a ‘stalemate’ we do not intend to continue to respond to further emails or contacts from you on the scheme. Any further comments made will not be responded to but will be logged without action." - odd word stalemate. means: a position counting as a draw, in which a player is not in check but cannot move except into check. - At least we can play again. Knights move !! - So you choose not to speak, discuss, communicate, consult, work with or even accept we exist. - Case officer, 2 emails, 1 meeting, stalemate, end. 

Thanks for the ombudsman's details. I hope it won't come to that.

You really should not walk away from concerned residents, business owners, school children, disabled and the elderly, you have a responsibility. I only ever wanted to help. You have shown to be friendly at the door and the throw knives in my back.

I did expect more from TfL. I don't know why, just thought, why would they invite me into talk?
I did not expect to see Maria Rafi snatching and fighting with plans. I did not expect to be not a member of the public. You have treated us like animals. and now the barriers have gone up.

All I have is an audio recording and 5 years of emails to everyone who needed to know.

 I would prefer you to respond. I can handle a change of opinion. 


Friday, 12 August 2016

TfL's reply to my post meeting letter

I would just like to clarify that not everything in this letter is true. My response will reflect this.

 12 Aug 2016, at 17:51, CUSTOMERSERVICES@TFL.GOV.UK
Dear Mr Sparks and Ms Knight
Following our meeting last week to share our proposals for a new loading bay in the vicinity of your premises, I am writing to clarify some of the points raised and our position regarding communications going forward. 
Our revised proposals will be subject to consultation as we advised following your advanced viewing of the plans. We propose to circulate this to local residents and businesses in due course. 
You mentioned a water leak is a concern of yours and we appreciate the points that you raised, however, as we have advised previously, the pipes and any leaks from them, fall under Thames Water’s responsibility. It is therefore for them to investigate and repair any leaks or problems with their infrastructure. We continue to work with Thames Water in respect of the work we are undertaking but as for any other problems that you are aware of on Archway Road, you will need to refer these to Thames Water directly. Similarly your comments about the water being lost by the nearby school needs to be reported to them as they are responsible and we cannot intervene. 
We were surprised and concerned by your offer to accept an amount between £50,000-£100,000 as ‘hush money’ to allow us to complete the work. We will not agree to any payment with the intention that this would lead to us carrying out our work without disruption. We were further concerned that you advised that once completed, you would ‘lift the paving stones up anyway’. I should remind you that any intentional damage to our infrastructure would be considered an act of vandalism and reported to the police.
We have no intention of making you an offer for your premises and operating it as a business ourselves. We certainly would not consider a payment of three times the current market value as you suggested. We are a public organisation and we must allocate our resources responsibly. We cannot justify the cost of purchasing a business simply to facilitate the introduction of a change to the road layout without disruption. 
We were also concerned by your threat to obstruct the A1 for a period of three days in protest against our proposals and the revised layout. Your assertion that it would make you ‘millions’ in press coverage at the risk of a fine being imposed on you under the Highways Act 1980, is again a tactic that we do not condone or appreciate. Should you attempt to block the A1, the Police will of course be requested to attend and take action to ensure the highway is free of obstruction. 
Your request that the works be carried out correctly; safely, securely, environmentally sound, with communication and with consultation, will be carried out. We have a commitment to deliver the proposed improvements in line with our policies and general construction best practice. 
We feel that whilst we are happy to work with you and propose acceptable solutions to your concerns, you remain closed to any suggestion other than to leave the loading bay where it previously was, move the proposed crossing, leave the subway in situ etc. when we have already advised on several occasions that these options are not viable under the new scheme. 
I understand from the project manager that you have recently threatened our contractors and that they have had to involve the Police. As I have advised previously, unauthorised entry to the site, aggressive or threatening behaviour towards our staff or contractors will not be tolerated and if such behaviour does occur, we will request the Police to attend. 
As we have reached a ‘stalemate’ we do not intend to continue to respond to further emails or contacts from you on the scheme. Any further comments made will not be responded to but will be logged without action. 
You have asked if there is an ombudsman and you are free to approach the Local Government Ombudsman if you wish. I have enclosed their contact details below should you wish to do so.
The Local Government Ombudsman
PO Box 4771
Or you can email them via their website at:
Kind regards
Gareth Long PMICS
Case Management Executive
TfL Customer Services
DO NOT DELETE.............................
DO NOT DELETE............................. 

Saturday, 6 August 2016

Letter to TfL contact - post meeting at Palestra

Here is how Gaz will start his Monday morning : Gareth,
RE: the meeting last Thursday.
Firstly I would like to thank you for making at least real contact with a view to moving forward.
As I said many times in that meeting, we have only ever wanted to be taken seriously, contacted and have good, safe working relationship with all. We are an independent, free of tie, community pub, with fantastic customers.
The community are not pleased about the delivery of all the pre consultation letters were never delivered here. Instead, in Tuffnell park. This is cruel.
The audio recording of the meeting is very clear, and I would like to address many new issues. Maybe not all in this email.
You denied anymore guests than Amber (Co-owner), that I had to demand. But wasn't informed of the weighty side of the 4 of you. It was intimidating.
Why the introductions started 15 minutes after the meeting start is beyond me.
The lady who vehemently denied Amber from holding, photographing or taking a copy of the clearly last minute anti social plan without consulting with the residents. They are furious. They will be contacting you. We are a community and pub. Also, she said some awful things, I will take them up separately.
I'm glad you recognize some of the real issues and the time I have spent desperately seeking help before you infringe your own T & C's and further pollute this area by decreasing levels of safety and never repairing infrastructure. I have 100s of emails to support the non transparent and extremely ignorant methods of non communication and poor highway maintenance. Also hours of video. Most can be viewed at YouTube.
The communications officer, Elsa. Could you provide me with direct contact with her department head, please.
The other lady, could you provide her details also , please.
I'm not too worried about the tall guy constantly checking his watch, not really wanting to listen to the concerns. But he could show interest and possibly not interrupt guests while they are speaking. Please pass it on.
To sum up that meeting.
There is no final plan.
Pubs need extra special care.
No consultation was delivered
The 26 year Thames water leak is a disaster and dangerous. Diseases breed in warm weather and water.
The loading bay . Please let me draw you something, but I would like to use my own pen, at my own desk. I invite Max 4 people from TfL to watch magic flow into a reasonable solution. I will cover all hospitality and expenses. Any day soon, at any time is good, but this week is best.
The risk assessment we need to do to honour the new clear risk, danger and worry you have created with a cover up because of islington, developers and a bus station crisis. All could have been averted. You will gulp when I show you.
In my view there are too many errors. I will be more than happy to help you with any difficulties you may perceive.
Speed is of the essence. So far, after 5 years, I think you finally see that we exist and matter. Remember: If anyone I know is injured or killed by these works and the connected infrastructure, I will forward the families every single email pertaining to these issues. I hope you understand why I have methodically kept collecting and pursuing.
Please show me the finished plan. It's all I have ever asked for. How can you start without knowing where to end. Failing to plan, is the same as planning to fail.
We will get to the bottom of this.
Again, thanks for being the 1st person in 5 years to take the time to at least hear the voice of the community and understand the dangers.
I do hope you give me all I request.
A final plan
A meeting
The water leak to stop.
Less gash works.
A loading bay that never involves Despard Rd or the residents.
Remember we work more hours in a week, than you do in a month.
For me, the above tasks should have already been done. But I will give you till Friday
I only get one chance and a few seconds to get everything right, in my line and of business. Please step up and make the machine move quicker. You all email each other, have corporate responsibility and a watchdog. It's called an emergency meeting. They will come.
Looking forward to booking you in.
Kind regards

Saturday, 30 July 2016

Islington Council TfL Ringway Jacobs fiasco part 9

After 5 years, someone from TfL stepped forward. Why? Because it's getting sticky !!

Below is a series of emails from a contact that came forward - Gareth Long - TfL summat.
We were shocked as it was the 1st un-prompted email from TfL, ever.

22/07/16 Dear Mr Sparks
I have been asked to review the correspondence that you have sent to us and others, in connection with the current improvement works taking place at Archway.

I have been appointed as your case manager and I have reviewed your case given the content of your recent emails and the behaviour you have displayed when contacting us. Going forwards, all further correspondence should be sent to me at this address and I shall be your point of contact within TfL.

I want to assure you at the outset that we are aware of your concerns about the improvement works and I appreciate that you wish to protect your business. However, we also have a responsibility to improve the transport infrastructure for the wider community, providing a safe and effective environment for all road users following the changes we are making at Archway.

We have listened to your concerns and we have looked at ways that we can provide a loading bay in order for you to continue to receive deliveries closer to the pub.

The plans for the Archway gyratory project have been drawn up and agreed for some time in liaison with the London Borough of Islington. Whilst we will try to accommodate all parties, we have to work within the limitations of the scheme and ensure that we meet requirements specified by the Department for Transport (DfT) and safety standards are maintained.

TfL would like to share our plans for a new loading bay with you and I will be requesting your availability in the coming few weeks.

With regards to the subway and the water leak you have reported, we have advised you several times that the leak is the responsibility of Thames Water. TfL and Thames Water will continue to work together to investigate the leak and there is nothing further we can add to what we’ve already advised you on this aspect and I will not discuss this issue further.

You have also raised concerns regarding the width of the footway outside the pub on Archway Road. The standards for footway widths are set out in the DfT’s ‘Inclusive Mobility’ publication, and states the following: Footways are to ideally be 2m wide to enable two wheelchair users to pass each other comfortably.
I can confirm that the footway widths on Archway Road will be at 2.4 metres and therefore greater than the recommended guidelines. I will now log this matter as closed.

I understand that there have been suggestions by you that you would interrupt the programme of works which could pose a risk to yourself and/or our contractors and staff. If we believe that our work or our staff has been put at risk, we shall have no hesitation in reporting these issues to the police requesting them to take further action.

I am aware that you have had some communications with the contractors working on site and that in some of these interactions you have been disrespectful towards the workers. Please refrain from this activity. As I am now your point of contact within TfL, all concerns relating to the project should be directed to me, and not the members of staff on site.

We have a responsibility to ensure that our resources are used in the most efficient ways possible and this extends to managing customer contact. If it becomes evident that your contact with us has become unreasonable, further contact with you may be dealt with under the terms of our Unreasonable and Unreasonably Persistent Complainants Policy, a copy of which can be found on our website here:

To conclude, we are willing to work with you to find solutions to the issues you have raised but where we cannot agree to requests, you must appreciate our reasons for doing so.
Kind regards
Gareth Long PMICS
Case Management Executive
TfL Customer Services

DO NOT DELETE.............................
DO NOT DELETE.............................

4 minutes later...

Gareth, Cool
Come and speak to my face, Amber will be here.
3 pm Monday will be satisfactory.
Thanks for stepping forward.
I have many other issues outstanding too. So glad to finally get any contact.
I cannot agree with everything you have stated. I have suffered under your contractors, I have video.
There is damage caused by these works and interruption of business.
Effluent running on your property is also important, as I suffer.
If you can't make by 3.30pm Monday, I suggest 3pm Tuesday.
Thanks for offering yourself as contact, can't wait to meet.
Kind regards

3 days later...

Gareth, (Gareth Long PMICS
Case Management Executive
TfL Customer Services)
After your email of 17.04 on Friday, that I responded to immediately. I find it distasteful that after 3 days you have not responded.
I work 7 days a week. I don't expect you to, however, if provoking contact, it's always wise to follow up, especially if there are many outstanding and important issues.
In 30 minutes my first proposed meeting time slot will expire. So I do hope you're able to make the fallback, contingent meeting slot of 3pm tomorrow (Tuesday).
I have a reference number from Thames Water if you want it?
Also about 30 from !islington BC, not sure how valid they are, as all the issues persist.
The water leak seems a little worse in the subway. Oddly, we are only half way down the hill, where some of the leak hits the drainage.
Please do not miss the 2nd appointment, there is so much to cover. I will have the 100s of emails that I have sent available, should you require factual background and the level of incompetence and the players. Also newspaper articles and Thames Waters response from their CEO.
As my beard grows more grey and my kids get taller, all the problems from 2011 exist. They are in Islington, but TfL manage or don't manage the infrastructure of this road.
Thank you for your time and hopefully we will be able to start moving towards a common goal of protecting the environment, whilst enabling safe and easy access to services.
Remember: every journey counts.
Even mine.
Speak soon

2 days later....

Dear Gareth, 

I am the co-owner of the Charlotte Despard.  I am most concerned that after your first missive, you have not bothered to reply to either of the emails sent to you by my business partner Chris Sparks.

Yet again, it would seem that TfL are riding roughshod over the concerns and interests of the local community and small businesses. 

If you take away our loading bay, you will be putting the three remaining businesses on that stretch of road out of business.

If you fill in the subway without stemming the leak, you will be committing extremely dangerous and unsound works that will lead to grave endangerment of residents and road users. 

The unwillingness, or downright refusal to undertake a risk assessment regarding the massive shortening of the pavement and the installation of a cycle lane, suggests to me that you won't do it, as it will confirm what everyone already knows: it is a dangerous and ill-conceived 'plan'.

In your statement regarding the width of the pavement being  in excess of two metres; I do hope that your figures are not including the land inside our property line? The fence that will be erected on our property line will seriously affect your figures.

My telephone number is: 07********* I would appreciate it if you would make it ring and make an appointment to come and meet. 


Amber Knight 

5 hours later....

I proposed 2 meeting times in response to your 1st email. Monday and Tuesday at 3pm. You didn't even bother to respond as well as missing the opportunities. 
The problems are actually getting worse. The more you distance yourself, the more foolish you look.
I have only ever stated that I want to talk to somebody who can make decisions and understands safety and risk.
I have witnessed your contractors making all sorts of mistakes - i have helped them to make us safe and even been thanked (Ian - site foreman).
The issues are growing - I have been lied to and had awful things said to me by your contractors. No-one will ever discuss this. I am not allowed in the site office, a lot of contempt, although they don't seem to care about our future once they have gone. Difficult to trade, building rubbish and dangerous spikes - it's becoming very difficult. I hope no-one gets injured. We have good CCTV to support everything surrounding our property.

So Gareth, you offered so much, so many words, but... really, to fair, what is it that you propose?
Did you forget that I pay business rates?
Did you forget that I pay council tax?
Did you forget that I pay late night levy?
Did you forget that I am a community pub landlord?
Did you forget that I have complained about the leak for 6 years?
Did you forget that I have requested to be involved in the loading bay plans from the beginning?
Did you forget that we were never consulted and our 1st knowledge was November 2015?
Did you forget that I presented 100's of signatures from my customers at Islington Town Hall?
Did you forget that this community wants a clean, safe environment?
Did you forget that humans exchange with the plants?

Just come here to The Charlotte Despard. Come whenever, surprise us.

Jeremy Corbyn has just replied - ooooh, he's not happy.


that's it Gareth - but, you know this.

See you soon, I hope.

If i need to write to you again, it will rhyme and flow to a tune that you know.

The kindest regards

2 days later (today)....

Gaz, days tick by, your office said "in due course!"
But -  things round here are slowly getting worse,
Pavements broken and pipes that have burst,
5 years later. I think that we are cursed,
With an endless disregard of "safety first",
And my customers who want to slake a thirst,
Same 3 issues that persist the worst.

All change, you emailed me last week,
I really believed that we had a chance to speak,
Across a table, not by phone to cheek,
Take a look at plans or at least take a peek,
Not just ignore or leave us to weep,
I want you to succeed but we do need to meet,
I'll cover expenses, but keep your receipts,
Sooner is better after 200 weeks.

comments are welcome. X

Thursday, 19 May 2016

Euro 2016 - The Fixtures

Group stage

Friday, June 10
France vs. Romania -- Saint-Denis (8 p.m)

Saturday, June 11
Albania vs. Switzerland -- Lens (2 p.m)
Wales vs. Slovakia -- Bordeaux (5 p.m)
England vs. Russia -- Marseille (8 p.m)

Sunday, June 12
Turkey vs. Croatia -- Paris (2 p.m)
Poland vs. Northern Ireland -- Nice (5 p.m)
Germany vs. Ukraine -- Lille (8 p.m)

Monday, June 13
Spain vs. Czech Rep -- Toulouse (2 p.m)
Rep of Ireland vs. Sweden -- Saint-Denis (5 p.m)
Belgium vs. Italy -- Lyon (8 p.m)

Tuesday, June 14
Austria vs. Hungary -- Bordeaux (5 p.m)
Portugal vs. Iceland -- Saint-Etienne (8 p.m)

Wednesday, June 15
Russia vs. Slovakia -- Lille (2 p.m)
Romania vs. Switzerland -- Paris (5 p.m)
France vs. Albania -- Marseille (8 p.m)

Thursday, June 16
England vs. Wales -- Lens (2 p.m)
Ukraine vs. Northern Ireland -- Lyon (5 p.m)
Germany vs. Poland -- Saint-Denis (8 p.m)

Friday, June 17
Italy vs. Sweden -- Toulouse (2 p.m)
Czech Rep vs. Croatia -- Saint-Etienne (5 p.m)
Spain vs. Turkey -- Nice (8 p.m)

Saturday, June 18
Belgium vs. Rep of Ireland -- Bordeaux (2 p.m)
Iceland vs. Hungary -- Marseille (5 p.m)
Portugal vs. Austria -- Paris (8 p.m)

Sunday, June 19
Romania vs. Albania -- Lyon (8 p.m)
Switzerland vs. France -- Lille (8 p.m)

Monday, June 20
Russia vs. Wales -- Toulouse (8 p.m)
Slovakia vs. England -- Saint-Etienne (8 p.m)

Tuesday, June 21
Ukraine vs. Poland -- Marseille (5 p.m)
Northern Ireland vs. Germany -- Paris (5 p.m)
Czech Rep vs. Turkey -- Lens (8 p.m)
Croatia vs. Spain -- Bordeaux (8 p.m)

Wednesday, June 22
Iceland vs. Austria -- Saint-Denis (5 p.m)
Hungary vs. Portugal -- Lyon (5 p.m)
Italy vs. Rep of Ireland -- Lille (8 p.m)
Sweden vs. Belgium -- Nice (8 p.m)


Monday, 16 May 2016

Legz taking it really easy today

Half cat, half biscuit.
not sure which half is which tho !

.. in disguise and in his supervisory capacity.

He says "really looking forward to the EU Referendum and the Euro's - see you at the bar."

The Princess Griff is in the house

King of all he surveys. Griff.

Eurovision on - check
Tiara on - check

Tall animals

I really love it when tall animals get better.

This giraffe had a bad ankle. - but now he's playing football with his friends.

Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Letter to Patrick Kelly - Ringway Jacobs Liason officer

I just sent this letter to our NEW liason officer for the people digging the road:-

Dear Patrick, surely we could meet
out in the open or more discreet?
i'm sitting here, tapping a beat
with no responses - are you a cheat?
I just want to chat, you know speak and greet
about what we said, only last week.
a loading bay here, is all we seek
because without it, the future is bleak
and the cycle path cheek to cheek
with my customers - risk at it's peak!
but, top of the list is the massive water leak
and i'm afraid the cycle path that you seek
needs to delay while the engineers peek
and go up the hill not quite to the peak
to stop this nightmare - that seems to be unique
in short, risk assess, loading bay and stop the leak
answer my emails - please don't take a week

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Super Sunny Saturday - Pub doors at 4

sunny day
DON'T FORGET: if you get sun burnt or fed up of insects - We open at 4pm.
air conditioning, 3 legged cat and a huge selection of the coldest drinks.
here's the view right now :-

LIZ WHEATLEY will be playing the finest tunes known to man from about 9pm - After sun & dancing shoes.

Friday, 6 May 2016

Election blues - Pub opens at 4pm

Vote: Legz 2018
Seems Legz is nonplussed - and is thinking of running next time. 
pub opens at 4pm for beer and election discussion. 

Legz is looking for a campaign manager, stylist, PA and an economist.

he could change his mind at any moment though.

Cask Ale at The Charlotte Despard

All our ales are chosen on locality, quality and service from the brewers. Great guys, with great beer.
Currently Serving: ELB & New River

Cask Ale from The Charlotte Despard

Saturday, 27 February 2016

Archway Gyratory and Junction Ward councillors

Things have changed - and now.... the gloves are off.
I bumped into (by chance ;)) our 3 councillors - out for a wee bit of canvassing ! - this morning. Myself and a local resident asked them a few questions and with 5 minutes blue lights and a police car !!!!!!
I videoed most of it, but will need to be careful of privacy - they weren't happy.
The police were cool and understood - in fact, they were really nice guys. While we were explaining the undemocratic nature of this council and their stupid proposals and lack of info - the councillors slipped away. OMG!
So - now our local councillors think it's OK to waste police time, whilst canvassing and finding it hard to speak to local residents and business owners who care more about community and environment.
I have a cunning plan.

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

ePetition - Archway rd bus stands, crossing, subway removal and loading bay removal

Please sign this petition - Islington BC have handed TfL a bit of a problem.
The problem is there is no easy solution. They won't talk to us and it could put us out of business.
All help gratefully received - thank-you.

Monday, 8 February 2016

TfL and Islington BC are ignoring me

after 100's of emails over 4 years and all the big names that hide make it difficult.
I don't want to commit a public order offence, but the ignorance is making me upset and frustrated.
There are errors, gaps and inconsistencies - but TfL and Islington do not want to discuss at any length.
I worry that there will be an injury, death or infringement of civil liberties because of these proposals.
With the removal of our loading bay - it will be almost impossible to operate our pub business. Beer is delivered in 50 litre metal, pressurized kegs. Insurance, courtesy and safety have limits.
By removing half of the width of the pavement outside the pub and introducing a cycle path next to a bus stand where 50 buses per hour u-turn onto one of the busiest arterial roads - is beyond belief and absolutely going to cause a whole barrel of other problems: rat runs, congestion, road rage, pollution, noise, etc.
By removing the safe method of crossing, the subway outside the pub, and introducing a crossing that pedestrians don't control, only the illusion that they do. On a road that is an emergency route, 24 hour hour double red route and busy arterial road. The subway has no crime in the 5 years i have been here. Speeding takes place every day on the road. The speed cam is in the wrong place and the previous one never flashed once in 5 years.
I have spoken with these people listed below and I believe that they are the people who are responsible for any failings or issues.:
Jeremy Corbyn - said he understood and would visit (59 days ago)
Janet Burgess - will not meet or attend - also doesn't have accurate information
Lazslo Palinkas - TfL / Ringway Jacobs designer - has not consulted population or modelled all circumstances
Vlad - TfL Prject Mgr - dismissive of this community, rude and flippant
Mark Greenaway - Engineer - similar problems to Vlad
Claudia Webbe - Transport & Environment is her remit
Kaya Comer-Schwartz - ward councillor has never completed any of my request over years and never followed up on anything. I am blocked on twitter by my councillor.

why so far away?

A Poem to Janet Burgess MBE

Janet, surely there's no time to delay,
with years gone by and no work today
structures are crumbling, and falling apart
cracks are appearing, breaking our heart
taking our taxes and drinking sham-pain
email header always have the same names

we've watched and requested for years and years
everything's broken and here come the tears
over and over like a broken record we plead
just give us the stuff that we paid for and need
we feel let down - like, totally shunned
it's not your money - the community fund

and with baited breath, as you un-stick the glue
before, and or even without going through
any consultation, or even asking a few
you may understand our cynical view.

so you see - we need an eye on the ball
a place to start and someone we can call
just fix up this place - we double dare you
we paid already and what do you do?
you work for the electorate - that's only one job
please take this invite for tea and hob nobs

please come over any time (5pm til 1am)
Chris and everyone in N19

after no reply - sent this ..

woke up this morning and still no replies
i was hoping, at least some promises, not lies
but, days disappear and the weather is worse
everything's broken and the pipes have burst
after years and years of the same old story
Labour council but the mayor is a Tory
nothing changes except the time on the clock
when you work every day - I expect quite a lot
why do you hate the idea of us thriving
working hard everyday, even our children are striving
to improve the area, make it safe for the kids 
to cross the road near the suicide bridge
now, almost too late - everyone is hiding
shirking, denying and even some lying.
as we add up the time and all of the faces
the waste is apparent and only 3 places:
TfL - left holding the inhuman baby
ward councillors - not educated, maybe
Islington's sell off - the social engineering
cheering, sneering and totally interfering
with life our most precious - our air and the light
the taxes stay high and the excuses are trite
come to the table - and make headway today
sincerely yours, the residents of Archway.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

Comedy Night 16th December

Comedy Night at The Charlotte Despard

LOOK what is soon... another festival of fun. West End, TV and even some of our regulars make up the bill - don't delay, get your ticket.

when they are gone... well, they are actually gone !

This is going to be amazing - 

SHOWSTOPPERS in ARCHWAY !! for a tenner - all proceeds going to a Homeless charity.

Legz - that is all

Yep - he's  judging you.

on the glass washer - watching the snacks.

lucky git.